Is It a Hobby or Potential Career?

How do you go about changing from being a student or merely hobbyist to becoming a professional photographer?

Where is the line?

If you are also a blogger, does the audience wants to be a part of that journey, or would they respect and appreciate you more with the learning stage remains a mystery?

2 Response to "Is It a Hobby or Potential Career?"

Simon Food Favourites Says:

i think follow what you want to be first and the rest will follow. you can't think about what you want to be through your readers eyes but it has to be what you want to do. to be a professional photographer you need a professional camera to be learn as much as possible about your industry and find your own style.

ms s loveridge Says:

Thanks so much for the opinion Simon. I suppose you're right in that I should just do what I want to do. I'm definitely working on finding my own style. :)

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