Last Night's Dinner: Mascarpone & Tomato sauce over Tubular Spaghetti

Recipes from Tomatoes and Mascarpone over Angel Hair Pasta | The CookMobile.
Minor alteration as per necessary...
Didn't have Angel Hair and been meaning to try my tubular spaghetti, which I thought was very cute! :)
I have no fresh basil left, so I used loads of dried parsley, a bit of dried oregano and quite a bit more of dried basil.
Added some chicken stock, pepper, salt and sugar for seasoning.
Served them with chopped sun dried tomato and sprinkles of Parmesan cheese, and it went down a treat.

Tonight I celebrated Thursday with dinner out at Da Noi..
It was as spectacular as it usually is really...
The Pumpkin Ravioli and Mushroom with scrumptious sauce just gives this fantastic flavour explosion when spooned into the mouth.
It was so good that I didn't even need dessert to satisfy me further.

Hmmm - bliss.

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