Saturday Dinner: Spiced Creamy Tomato Chicken

Recipe: Spiced creamy tomato chicken | Fig & Cherry

I cooked the rice with my cute little rice cooker and I added some coriander to the rice (when it's cooked and steaming hot).

I modified the recipe a little; added 3 more garlic cloves to it, 1.5 tsp of chicken stock, 2 tsp dried parsley, diced chunky mushrooms, a pinch of sugar, quite a bit of salt and pepper, and lots of coriander leaves.
The flavour is still a bit too subtle for me, Shanon liked it though.
But he reckon it needs another type of herb, funnily I was going to do so (on top of the parsley and coriander!) - the only thing is I don't know what works with coriander (just like oregano and thyme works really well together, or cinnamon and nutmeg!).
Next time will probably add capsicum or maybe sun dried tomato or maybe roasted diced pumpkin, and might try the healthy version (greek yogurt!).

With this challenge, I find that I have to continuously talk myself into following through with it.
Even when I had Friday off, I just couldn't find the time.
I suppose it does get a bit tricky, cause I'm cooking, eating and trying to control the intake at the same time.

I'm getting a bit better on being flexible with the menu plan though.
Plus the twice weekly grocery shopping works well.
The ingredient stays fresh until the time when I cook them.

Last night, I was going to make my Puff Pastry Pizza but Shanon didn't feel like Pizza - so we went out for dinner.
It's Saturday night, and I have two more cooking to do this week... Haizzzzz =(

To be fair, I gotta say - I'll choose France-Soir's Onion Soup and 200gr Steak + Pommes Frites + Salad over my cooking any day!
Hmmm doesn't say much, does it? I mean, if you know me - then you'll know that I always choose dining out over home cooked meal. What can I say? My dad passed on his preference to me very well...
Back to that yummy steak, I had mushroom sauce with it, only to saw someone else ordered this thick yellowy sauce which looks DELICIOUS!
So - I Googled and this blog post, We Do Chew Our Food: France Soir, South Yarra, French food (could you tell from the name?), tells me it is called "BĂ©arnaise sauce".
Yes, not the most healthiest option but I simply have to taste it - so that will be my choice the next time I go! :)

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