Sunday Friendly Dinner with Lia & Shanon

Recently read somewhere about Puff Pastry Pizza and it got stuck in my head.
Finally try my hand on it tonight.

The topping was combination of what I love on pizzas, very basic vegetarian stuffs.
Tomato paste, dried rosemary, dried thyme, dried oregano, thinly sliced garlic, caramelised onion, bell pepper with feta, capsicum, mushroom, pizza plus cheese mix, fresh basil and last but definitely not least, bocconcini!
Delicious. With sprinkle of salt & pepper, and it's perfect!

The puff pastry came out a lot less crispier than I would have liked.
My fault entirely though - should have read the instructions
(Puff Pastry Pizza recipe - Best Recipes) better! :)
Will definitely try again. Loved the mix of flavour! :)

The coleslaw mix works pretty well with the pizza even if I say so myself.. ;P


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