Monday: Microwave Brownie in a Mug

Recipes from: Mug Brownie | Instructables

I only made half a serving (half all ingredients, except for water - added 2 tbsp by accident!)
I added 2 tsp of Ricotta cheese (leftover from hotcakes) and some chopped walnuts (leftover from banana maple walnut muffin).

My verdict? It's A pretty good chocolate fix within a few minutes.
But I don't know if it can be called brownie, it's more like a fudgey chocolate mix...
The calorie count as per stated in this website Evil-Microwave brownie in a cup Recipe is pretty scary!

Next time will try these 2 recipes instead, Cook & Eat: Tasty Photos and Recipes by Lara Ferroni (Food Photographer, Seattle Washintgon) » Blog Archive » Cup ‘o Brownie and Microwave Brownie Cupcakes «.

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