Mid Way Through the Challenge...

My second attempt at baked potatoes...
Pretty happy with the potatoes itself (crispy skin, soft and fluffy inside!) - perfect with the refried beans, cheese, beetroot, avocado, sour cream, served with coleslaw and grilled corn.
It was supposed to have Salsa sauce - but found out at the VERY last minute (nearly had to throw away half of the food if it wasn't for Shanon's sharp eyes) that it has gotten moldy... =(

Peanut Butter with Chocolate Cookies.
Lovely crispy textures - whipped out my hand whisker to beat the mixture for this one! :)
Still difficult to put that in the mouth without feeling guilty - because my brain registers the amount of brown sugar, butter and peanut butter that I dumped into the mixture.
Found it quite enjoyable to roll the dough into balls and flattening them onto the cookie sheet, ended up making a big batch of this (about 24 large cookies), so will bring it in to work and photo class tomorrow.

Basil and Tomato Mac Cheese.
Probably the dish I have repeatedly cooked the most number of times.
Can't help it though - it's nice and easy, always please the guests, generating small amount of dishes to wash! :)

Second attempt at Easy Peasy Lemonade Scone for welcoming the gals to my humble home. :)
Still not easy to roll out the dough (due to its stickiness) BUT found that separating them into messy chunks and then wash my hand before rolling the doughs into better ball shapes is much easier.
It also still managed to surprise me with its fluffiness (even though I was a bit worried because I left the dough out for a couple hours after rolling them before putting them into the oven).
Served with whipped cream (packaged) and the reliable St Dalfour raspberry jam, accompanied with the Harrods Tea that Lia brought over, plus latest goss - a rather nice way to spend Sunday afternoon!

Lovely week and great weekend (made awesome with the two Jazz Festival concerts that I went to being spectacular), but I'm so not ready for Monday... x(

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