Sunday Triple Cooking!

Got up and made what's supposed to be "All in One Oven Brekky" - inspired by Jamie Oliver, BUT it wasn't exactly "all in one".
I did used only one baking dish but I have to keep shuffling the ingredients in and out of the baking dish.
Was very happy with the potatoes with rosemary and garlic though - almost dining out yumminess level! :)

Then la la la until dinner time and I made LAKSA!
For the first time ever - instant spices, but still quite a bit of effort to juggle noodles, vegies and the seafood contents but it turns out delicious! :)

Ah Prima Taste Laksa Paste - you are definitely a keeper!
I especially love the sambal paste...
It's loaded with shrimp flavour - authentically delicious.

Last cooking for the day!
foodbeam » Un clapotement sur la vitre du rĂªve – Brownies fondants au cacao
Saw this recipe a while ago and kept them on my mobile - thought it was time to try it out.

I really liked the texture of this brownie... and it was a joy to make too - but the amount of sugar was way too much - will reduce it for next time! :)

Now its time to relax and enjoy whatever is left of my Sunday!

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