A Distracted Mind

What to do when your mind want anything and everything, but your body and schedule wouldn't allow for it?

This year feels very much so for me.
My mind craves anything and everything.
I see and hear LOADS of things that I want to discover, try out, do and pursue.
But - I waste my time not doing them or maybe I am doing some of them just not all of them.

The options to spend your time are limitless.
Information are overflooded (my Google Reader articles keep growing, my Instapaper account untouched, along with my library books).
The cooking challenge.
Finding the time for my sanity fix, Bikram Yoga.
I want to play The Sims 3!
I need to finish my post processing back log.
Argh! Where is the RESET button???

I'm struggling to cope with the demand of my mind.
My body wants to slow down but my mind keep speeding up.

Can somebody help me?

3 Response to "A Distracted Mind"

Shelwin Says:

Just take ur timeeeeeee=)

nickoooooo Says:

why do you want help?
those things sounds fine to me

ms s loveridge Says:

because i feel tired a lot of the time (body wise and energy level) - but my mind keep racing and wouldn't let me rest properly.

BUT - I went to Yoga class last nite and got my sanity back. :) Pretty happy bout that.

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