How Far Do You Go To Avoid Being Judged?

Just wondering...

What is the normal degree of sacrifice to avoid being judged a certain way?

There are times when I feel, well if that person take it to themselves to judge me incorrectly, too bad for them, it is their loss.
But this doesn't happen often enough.
Most of the time, I succumb to the society's judgement.

Silly ol' me.

Cause everyone wants different thing from you.
How am I going to keep everybody happy, especially when I can't keep myself happy?

Anywhooooo - I want to learn to do so a bit more.
Focus on the important things, like what makes me happy, what I want to do; and leave my insecurity behind.
As they are energy wasters!
They take away my brain and mind space that I could use for other much more useful / fun things!

What do you say?

2 Response to "How Far Do You Go To Avoid Being Judged?"

Simon Food Favourites Says:

i don't think you can avoid being judged 100% because everyone has a different opinion but i think you should remain true to yourself in the first instance and learn to accept that people may have a different opinion than yours but that doesn't mean that their right and your wrong. golden words of 'you can't please everyone' comes to mind. so it's best to please yourself first and the rest will follow.

ms s loveridge Says:

I don't find being true to myself difficult; the difficulty is in stop putting effort in hiding being true to myself. As in openly being happy and confident about what I believe in and on my values. I tend to waste the energy on making sure that I hide those things and it is a bit silly...

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