The Clothing Exchange in Melbourne

Me and Lia (my gal-pal!) arrived at BMW Edge in Federation Square today at about 6.45 p.m. with our satiated belly (we just had dinner at Dessert House in the Chinatown). It's our first visit to The Clothing Exchange event and we are very excited!

I've been to "For Better or Purse" twice before, which has similar concept of cloth swapping with small differences, e.g. item categorisation (some cost more and some cost less) and it came with mini cupcake and a glass of wine to start (refer my old post: "a chatterbox's pensieve: For Better or Purse). For some reason that is unknown to me - that event has stopped happening since late last year.

It is a quite enjoyable way of shopping - offering your incorrect impulse purchases and going home with different pieces. Plus - it is somewhat good for the environment (well - if there is less demand for new clothes from the shop - hopefully soon enough they'll produce less?).

It is quite reliant on the number of people attending obviously (more people = more options) - hence I was pretty pleased to see that the place is quite crowded when we got there today. So Melbournian - spread the word. Come and join on the fun in the next session on 7th December 2009. Let's have fun!

The entry fee is $20 but it was totally worth the money. Great venue, super friendly hosts, and the yummy lolly (especially the bananas!) when you are queuing simply makes the event.

We both have a lot of fun and I went home with 5 satisfying pieces!

I might post some photos on my items later - for now the description would have to do!

I got a gorgeous mini denim skirt, a look-totally-brand-new J.Lo white casual pants, a casual Billabong skirt (dark green almost blue not sure which - yes I am colour blind when it comes to blue & green :P), a bright blue Paul Frank short thick jacket with hoodie, and a cute pretty grey strap-top from Forever New (Lia's cast off! :P).

Thanks Clothing Exchange!

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