Deja Vu

At work today I suddenly had a flashback to my 3rd year Uni days where I generally spent most days doing nothing at home (at least the first half of the semester). It was that one particular scene that comes into mind. Just after lunch time and I had just finished cleaning up my parents' apartment (I love cleaning it up cause it was newly acquired back then..). I turned on the TV, sit on my clean & comfy couch and just watched Oprah. I don't remember what was on the show exactly.

But what I do remember is - that blissful feeling of having completed all my chores and not having anything else enlisted to be done.

I want to feel that way again.
I want my mind to quiet down and stop bugging me with thoughts and things that I might want to do or buy or see or places that I might want to go to.

For one moment, I want to "just be".
Relaxed. Serene. Peaceful.

Wouldn't that be nice?

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